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List permission inheritance


When „Datapolis Column Protector 2013” is enabled for content type for the first time or when „Datapolis Column Protector 2013” is enabled after reset for this list, users and user groups
from this SharePoint list are copied to “Allow edit and display” permission for each column.

This way, by default all users with permission to the list have normal access to all columns.



Note: If new users are added to list or site, you can copy them to the columns header by clicking “Copy users and groups from list” button (point 4 in chapter “Using administration page”).

Note: If users are copied to header column, you can then copy them to all columns using “Copy permissions to all columns” button (point 5 in chapter “Using administration page”).

Note: If you want to make sure that all users that have permission to the list can access given column, give permission to all authenticated users (Point 3 in chapter “Using administration page”).