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Upload to farm and deploy


When you already have ZIP package - Solution Template (if you don't please go here), you can upload it on any farm you want. You will can use your solution there or even license it and sell to clients (you can find more information about: solutions and licensing). Follow the steps below to upload your solution to SharePoint Farm:

  1. Firstly find your zipped solution and unpack it. Now you have a folder with solution files. There are XML files which defines your solution and applications (more information about solutions and applications you can find here), site template *.wsp file and icon of your solution.
  2. Secondly open all web frontends with remote desktop and go to 15\WorkBox\SolutionTemplates\ and create a folder "YourSolutionTemplateName" (if it's nessecary create folder "SolutionTemplates"). Paste into "YourSolutionTemplateName" all solution files (icon, *.wsp file and XML files).
  3. If you have "YourSolutionTemplateName" created on every single web fronted go to SharePoint Central Administration -> Datapolis Process System -> Datapolis Solution Templates Management and find your solution. Then click "Deploy" on selected solution.

  4. Now you can see solution form. Please fill it and click "Ok"

  5. Wait for some minutes and refresh website to find if your solution is deployed.