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Before deploying Business App, please refer to the its own documentation, as it may require setting up specific hosting environment or performing additional steps to make it work properly. Please also note that Business App is based on Datapolis Solutions technology, so it will be visible after installation in Datapolis Solution Templates section in Central Administration.


The basic scenario of deployment is as following:

  1. Create a new site collection where the solution will be hosted.
    This may be done by choosing Application Management -> Create site collections in SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. Visit the Datapolis Solution Templates Management page in Datapolis Process System section.

  3. On Datapolis Solution Templates Management Page click the Deploy button next to the solution you wish to deploy.

  4. Fill name and choose the site collection where you wish to deploy the solution.

  5. Click the Ok button.
    Your Business App will be deployed right now.
    Depending on its complexity and your environment, it might take several minutes.


NOTE: Some Business Apps may require additional configuration after they are deployed. Please refer to their respective documentation for detailed information